The Hickmans
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What's In A Name

Covenant KeypersThe name “Covenant Keypers” was chosen because of its significance to marriage. Marriage is not just a covenant between a man and a woman but first and foremost, a covenant to God. However, only because God has made a covenant with Himself, can we expect to keep covenant with each other. Therefore, the word Keypers is so spelled to remind us that the “key person” in marriage is GOD!

Covenant Keypers’ continuous effort to help reduce the divorce rate among Christians is supported by a deliberate and pre-active initiative to teach and train single women, teens, and pre-teens before marriage.  We are especially focused on the older women teaching the younger women to be sober, love their husband, and love their children, etc.; and the older men teaching the younger men to be sober, etc.  As future families are formed, we believe strong foundations are essential to life-long marriages.  Covenant Keypers wants to lead the way in building God-healthy men and women because God-healthy men and women make God-healthy marriages.

Meet The Hickmans

The Hickman’s are the founders and directors of Covenant Keypers, Inc. (A Marriage & Women’s Ministry to Christian churches, Christian businesses and today’s multicultural community). They have been married only to one another since 1974, and have worked in marriage ministry for over 30 years. They have one son and two grandsons. Gary and Rosalyn reside in Hixson, Tennessee. Building their marriage and home on Godly principals from the very first day of their marriage, Gary and Rosalyn have seen God move in a powerful way in their marriage. Because of their marital experiences and “God-granted” successes along the way, God has divinely raised them up for such a time as this to do marriage ministry.

Gary and Rosalyn serve alongside churches throughout this community and beyond, including their home church, Resurrected Baptist Church. They have helped numerous pastors carry out marriage activities in their local churches for many years. Whether planning, coordinating, teaching, speaking, counseling, you name it, the Hickman’s are always ready to serve married couples in any capacity. They are retreat, conference, workshop and seminar speakers for both married couples and singles.

In addition to marriage ministry, Mrs. Hickman is also a spiritual counselor to single women, a women’s Bible teacher, and a women’s conference and retreat speaker. Mrs. Hickman is a recent graduate of Richmont Graduate University where she received her masters in Christian Psychological Studies. Gary has an associates degree in business management and served for nearly 37 years in the Bible Quiz Ministry. He now serves as Quiz Master and has been a coach for the elementary, middle, and high school divisions in his early years. He continues to provide leadership in the lives of young boys and girls as they hide the Word of God in their hearts. Gary also serves as a deacon in his home church.

Both Gary and Rosalyn are certified Prepare/Enrich Couple to Couple Marriage Mentors/Administrators, Certified Marriage Coaches, and Mrs. Hickman is a Prepare Enrich Seminar Director.

In today's ever increasing society, the reality of divorce within our local churches has reached an equally staggering amount. Something must be done! Covenant Keypers would love to partner with you as an individual, Christian church or business, by becoming a CK Partner. Truly there is strength in numbers and in partnering with Covenant Keypers, through prayer and/or financial support, we can make a difference in helping to save one of the greatest covenant relationships between a man and a woman that God has instituted for mankind.

Called to Serve

A marriage ministry for churches, Christian ministries, & today's multicultural community.

Covenant Keypers totally believes that marriage and everything about marriage is spiritual.   We also believe that because marriage was created by God He is the authority on marriage! Read More What CK Believes About Marriage Ministry

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