Did God Just Send Families Back Home!? LOL!!!

Did God Just Send Families Back Home!?  LOL!!!

Greetings women of God:

I’m excited to share with you via ZOOM how I see the hand of God in the Coronavirus Pandemic that’s moving all over the world! Thank you for joining me and I invite you to share your feeling and thoughts about what you see God doing as well.

Mrs. “H”

Did God Just Send Families Back Home!? LOL!!!

It’s no secret that today’s families are a long way from home. And as a result things are a mess! You know things are a mess when schools close and parents ask what are they going to do with their own children? You know it’s a mess when the role of the parent is out- sourced to team coaches, daycares, before-school-care, after-school-care, the “Y”, recreation centers, TV/Cell phone sitters, and summer camps. So, I ask, how did we get from that first home God created in the Garden of Eden to this? And just how far from home are we?

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