John & Regina Word
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In Sickness and in Health

Our marriage has had many seasons; the good, the bad, the indifferences that most marriages have...

John & Janice Upton
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In Sickness and in Health

In Jesus Name we press on when we as wives find ourselves on the road of sickness with our spouses. I made a vow to the Lord and my husband before witnesses at our wedding...

Carlos & Frenise Mann
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For Richer or For Poorer

Mornings with Tabi. Our friends Carlos and Frenise from Covenant Keypers joined us today to give a snapshot of what 21 years of marriage have looked like with a major financial crisis. Listen to this powerful and encouraging testimony of how God always provides!

Anthony & Carrie Griggs
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In Sickness and in Health

Mornings with Tabi and this morning our friends, Carrie and Anthony, shared a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness. After two cancer diagnoses, Carrie went through a dark season of depression including a suicide attempt. Listen below for their powerful story of redemption and healing!

Jeffery & Anita Menifee
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In Sickness and in Health

In sickness and in health as long as we both shall live were words I recited during the ceremony conducted by my father almost 34 years ago. Never did I ever think I would have to live out those words in this lifetime.

Steve & Mary Reiter
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In Sickness and in Health

Mary and I met way back in high school in Jamaica, New York at a Catholic School dance; she was a pretty girl wearing a parochial school skirt and button down shirt with blond hair and I was attempting to be what we called a love child - long hair, Nehru shirt, black pants and Beatle boots.

Sister Sharon
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For Better Or For Worse

I want to take the time out to share a part of my life; MY MARRIAGE with you all. You know when you get married it means a lot. It is "surely" for better or for worse, and that is putting it mildly. When we take those vows, they mean something.

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Building God-Healthy Marriages

One Church at a Time

God created marriage. No government subcommittee envisioned it. No social organization developed it. Marriage was conceived and born in the mind of God

Max Lucado Author

CK's Most Popular Ministriescovenant keypers

Focusing on godliness by centering our life around God's Word.

Nancy Demoss
Nancy Demoss

Women's Ministry director

Holding and teaching Bible Study courses for the generation of today, is what can positively effect and change the generation of tomorrow, when God's in it.

Mrs. H.
Mrs. H.

GCMW Bible Study director

Taking a Biblical approach to teaching men about their role as the man God wants them to be in the home.

Gary Hickman
Gary Hickman

Men's Ministry director

Events & InitiativesCHANGING LIVES

Marriage Recognition Sunday


It is approaching that time of year where we recognize and celebrate Marriage, an institution created and honored by God. It is so important that we keep the discussion of marriage an open dialog for the sake of our youth. More and more the holy union of matrimony is being traded in for the ever growing fad of just “living together”.  Our young people are afraid of commitment and responsibility that comes with marriage!  During this special week in February let us emphasize the importance of marriage as God originally intended – for life!

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Hear What God Says About Marriage!


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Area churches cross color divide to help community

Read the article written by Yolanda Putman, Chattanooga’s Time Free Press July 18th, 2015

There has been no greater time than the present to apply the words of Christ in our lives as individuals to love one another.  The body of believers can make a difference by keeping in mind that our Lord’s prayer was for His children to be a unity of believers.

Covenant Keypers is taking the biblical message of marriage to the next generation!

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TestimonialsTHEY SAY

  • I want to thank you all for a wonderful day in the Lord. We were all blessed. One of the young ladies commented afterwards that she knew Jesus was with her and for her. All of your effort, all of your prayers, the dedication of your team – well God honored it, He blessed it and He used you for His glory. Just for this one teen, a thousand thank you's.

    Sister Tina
    One Accord Community Church
  • It is amazing to see the Lord answer our prayers! Praise His Name!! What an important ministry in our day and age! Thank God for your vision, hard work, courage, and devotion to the Lord and His people!

    John Smith
    Church Member
  • We celebrated MRS giving gift cards and candy to each married couple in honor of their commitment. Thanks for your vision and dedication to local churches and marriages.

    Pastor Kenneth Ware
    New Sholar Avenue Baptist Church


Ministerial Resources Sharing the knowledge

Clarence Shular Books

Preferred Printing

Learn To Sew by Anita

Matthew Townley

'Blessed are You O Lord, teach me Your Statutes....'
The point of this verse is a desire to know more about God’s Word, because a teachable spirit begins with the proper regard in the understanding of who God is.

Pastor Eddie D. Jacks